Alice didn’t really go to Wonderland

Searching for answers… and some questions too

My Story

The world is a riot of colors – mostly grays – though there are a few others too.

It is also a stage where I play many parts.

I stopped dealing in Black and White a long time ago. I prefer grays which are difficult to judge. Nobody is entirely wrong and the converse holds true as well. There are always motives – no matter how sublime. I have adjusted to live with them and developed a few of my own.

Life is a transient challenge.

It’s always n the move and shape shifting to suit the need of nature. It’s not always as the heart desires.

Expression of thought is important. It conveys the presence of a thinking mind. One which is not taking things lying down. I’ve learned that when I write down things – I question them as well. This skepticism leads me to an analysis which promotes deeper understanding.

I’ve also gained understanding that working to an idea/vision/mission/ objective in life is vital if one is to get somewhere. it’s quite easy to not focus and land up anywhere. That’s almost as good as going nowhere.

My idea in life is to be useful. This utility item that I wish to become can be used for the benefit/growth of one/many. The beneficiary(s) may change from time to time. Sometimes it’s just me. Mostly it’s the folks in the environment around me. Being useful to them keeps me happy.

I believe in NOT striking the first blow. But I definitely believe in being the last man standing.


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