Alice didn’t really go to Wonderland

Searching for answers… and some questions too

Citizen War Diary May 28, 2012 : from the ashes

Posted by recnamorcen99 on February 19, 2009

It’s been awhile since I put pen to paper. The depression has started to set in. This is the beginning of the end for me. I  have always believed in positive buoyancy of the human spirit. The fact that there exists a bird such as the phoenix leaves me with hope that someday the world will rise from these ashes – to take a fresh stride forward.

I search for heroes….. or let me put it quite succintly – one hero.

I’m too far gone to lay claim to that mantle. Yet – as Moses who led them to the promised land – but could not step there himself, i fight to keep my flock alive.

My flock comprises the 4 children across varying ages, orphans all. They have seen little peace, mostly horrors in one form or another. They are in the age groups of 5 to 13 years. Yet one look at them puts them in a higher age bracket.

Stress, malnutrition, hatred and that constant buzzing in the head will do that do any person.

They have questions which I try to answer from time to time. But their basic question of WHY…. i can never answer…. I don’t know why.

Still they live in hope that a hero will rise from the ashes and take them to another land, like he did in the town of Hamlin… blowing his pipe… leading all the children to a land of peace and plenty.


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