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Citizen War Diary April 28, 2012 : Maslows Hierarchy

Posted by recnamorcen99 on December 17, 2008

Nuclear winter arrives

Nuclear winter arrives

Three red cherries on the barren brush. Winter arrives early. Maybe it never ended.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to move from being RICH one instant.. and WORTHLESS in the very next? Yes it happened in the past when stock markets crashed. But then there were signs. Signs that the trained brain could read and analyse.

This time the Elelctromagnetic pulse took everyone by surprise. We never thought they’d do it. But suddenly – one fizzle and we were back to the Stone age (or somewhat near it). All electronic data was wiped clean in an instant. All civilian and military electronics in the NCR and nearby areas ceased operation. We had shielded some of the hard military and economic sections  – but we never thought they’d up the ante and increase the payload. So from a 7% growth to an unrecordable number.

That’s how fast we went, our money went and there was worse to follow.

Suddenly we were hit with DEFLATION….. I was worth just that much paper money that I had on me. Gold was in the bank locker – inaccessible. I may have looked better – but was worth essentially the same as the beggar on the street.

Food riots followed!

Then there were water riots.

The Hindu Muslim issue cropped up from time to time and there were those riots too.

We did not know how to vent out, how to survive, so we killed.

It was a horror filled walk down Maslows hierarchy of needs…..


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