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Citizen war diary April 19, 2012 : Wedding blues

Posted by recnamorcen99 on December 15, 2008

Our 5th wedding anniversary

My wife always loved celebrations. She was the brightest star in my universe.
A bright flash – a nova!!

It must have been like the lights of heaven accompanied by the fires of hell. That one fleeting moment – captured it all. It took from me that last quantum of solace that I had available. It brought me down to my knees with my head bent down – wishing I had been with her.

I shudder to think of what happened. At least she did not have to feel the pain for more than an instant as the fireball engulfed millions. A million who died in an instant and more that followed with pain, anguished and melted skin. Generations will remember – if our memory can encompass so much.

I think that many writers tried to put this suffering into words. Most were adept at capturing the macro phenomenon of a nuclear fireball. I am but a solitary figure reaping the harvest of death of those around me.

The pain in the heart dims down like a battery without charge. One nudge and it feels like yesterday – we sat in this room, in this house – rented as it was – going through the rituals that signify a new marriage. We watched my sister get married here, my grandfather died here in the February of 2008. Our children came in in the end of 09 when the war was fresh.

There was fear, trepidation and hope that maybe something would resolve our differences before the world exploded. Maybe a war could solve things. I know otherwise, now!!

Happy Anniversary beloved!!


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