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CITIZEN WAR DIARY – April 15, 2012 (TODAY)

Posted by recnamorcen99 on December 13, 2008

It’s very easy to get depressed, the way things are. We were not always like this.
I was a cherubic , 30 year old bald man once with a lot of enthusiasm and qualified myself in the category of the brave and loving.
That was a time of plenty.

Today, I must stand in line, a long line – to get the basic foodstuffs. If they are available that is. The wretched have inherited this parched earth. There is a constant wind that whistles through the holes in the wall – courtesy a munition that went off track and exploded outside the house. They said LASER guided munitions never went off track and missed by very little. I guess this writer must be on their priority hit-list and the bomb missed by just that much.
They didn’t get me, but brought my life to an inflection point.
I lost my power of focus. Now I survive – I used to live.

I was an avid photographer. I was always on the prowl with my camera. All the pictures had been stored on my hard drives. I’d printed them out as required for my albums. That was all that was left. The ones on the hard drive had died there. The EMP from the blasts above New Delhi had fried all the electronics in a very large radius. Suffice it to say, no one but the military uses electronics now. There is in fact a peoples movement which shuns the use of anything but the implements from the stone age. They believe that technology was our downfall. A nation of a billion souls now operating at 70% effectiveness.

The whistling wind signals the arrival of the rain. It’s time to get indoors. The rain is dangerous and not many survive it. I take one last look around for the day. The sun is close to the end of its daily cycle and it’s time to shut shop and move inside to my solitary confinement armed with my trusty shotgun and enough ammunition to take out an army – if I survive that long that is.


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